French Windows  

Woke up didn't know if I was alive or dead- a long sleep catching up on sleep will do that to you- cool winds welcome after that heat spell- Cross drafts  sweep thru French windows facing north, west, south. Lying on my bed, I feel, literally, in the air! Like a tree-fort my place is tucked btw trees, the street, and a garden ...

Usually play music @ Sabor y Cultura 5625 sunset 90028 1st &  3rd Saturday of month. But tonite we are dark and will be back again October 7th, 7-9pm. Will be however @ Elderberries Cafe 7564 Sunset 9009046  tmrow Sunday 2-4pm. Mark Willifords will be taking so me photos of me. He's a brilliant photographer. Works for Disney. Helped me produce a CD re/release night a month ago. We got nice crowd. Got some Google  play, some press for the neighborhood. 
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Getting Started 

Hey all,

Thank you for checking out my website. I have a lot being worked on and would love for everyone to continue to check back. 

My album from 2008, is available on my website. You can listen to it or buy it. 

Thanks for all your continuous support through the years. 

Hope everyone is having a rocking Wednesday. 

-Kevin Kelly


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